Jim Heaney

Principal Teacher and Director


In 1973 Jim was asked to help create Our School Preschool with Yvonne Mayer, and has taught at Our School since its inception. He has a background in architecture, math and science before declaring a major  in psychology and a minor philosophy. After concluding studies at the University of Colorado, Jim became credentialed as an early childhood teacher through the Colorado Department of Human Services, and later credentialed as a director in 1986.

During the 70’s Jim was a part of the staff at Mountain View Center for Environmental Studies, directed by Dr. David Hawkins at the University of Colorado. The center was a place for preschool to fifth grade teachers to learn and enhance their profession.

Jim’s role was to maintain the library at Mountain View Center and direct the resource shop, a collaboration with Mountain View Center staff and their students regarding course projects offered through the Mountain View Center. He also participated periodically with historian Elisabeth Kellogg to document the history of Mountain View Center through photography.  Jim participated along with other teachers in seminars with Francis and David Hawkins

Jim was a participant in the documentary In the Children’s Garden: The Educational Legacy of Frances and David Hawkins.

Megan Fischer



Megan became involved in Our School in 2005 as a parent of two children who attended the school.  She served on the Board of Directors. After volunteering in the classroom Megan’s interests grew from education into the process of teaching.  She became Our School Preschool’s first intern in 2011.

Beginning with an interest in mathematics and physics, her original background shifted focus to include a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of San Diego and a M.A. in Philosophy and Ethics from Colorado State University.

Megan maintained studies in early childhood education through her internship and received her early childhood teaching credential. More recently, she completed additional coursework, which along with her submission of master’s degree to Colorado Department of Human Services, allowed her to become director qualified.

Yvonne Mayer

Teacher and Director Emeritus


Yvonne founded Our School Preschool in 1973 with Jim Heaney and the help of parents, and has taught there continuously since then. She completed her degree work in French and English literature at the University of Paris.

Yvonne’s interest in early childhood education began in New York as an intern in the late 50’s. Yvonne continued her early childhood education studies in Colorado, becoming qualified as a director prior to starting Our School Preschool in 1973. She is a former instructor of early childhood education at Red Rocks College, a former staff member at David Hawkins’s Mountain View Center for Environmental Education (where she taught classes in bookmaking and linguistics), and was a contributing writer to Outlook Magazine, a publication of Mountain View Center for Environmental Education. She participated along with other teachers in seminars with Francis and David Hawkins, developing a personal and professional relationship with them.

She currently enjoys her status as Teacher/Director Emeritus.