Toddler Session

  • Coming in fall 2019, afternoon
  • Ages: 18 months to 2 ½ years

This is a child’s first group experience for many families. Families are encouraged to participate with their child to help their toddler feel comfortable in a school setting, and to enjoy their child as they explore and learn. Parents, children, and Our School teachers will investigate relevant activities and topics that challenge children to explore their interests, build new skills, gain confidence, take pride in their growth, and develop a love of learning.

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Preschool Session

  • 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday-Friday
  • Enrollment: 12 Children
  • Ages: 3 1/2 to 6
  • Although age ranges are given, placement assessments are not based on age alone, but consider present maturity, quality of experience, and/or specific needs of individual children.

For most children, this is a transition from home to an environment of new adults and peers. Children learn to interact with peers positively and grow socially, navigating conflict in appropriate ways. They explore material in their own creative and constructive ways to challenge their minds’ flexibility to a range of possibilities. Most of all, they gradually learn to separate from their parents psychologically and emotionally so as to evolve their bonds in more differentiated and mature ways.

Children in this stage of development are exploring ideas of community and inclusion, and progressing as social beings. Their overall development is at its peak for exploration, investigation, and testing– whether it is social, emotional, physical or cognitive. They learn to increase their range of interests and discuss them with others. As children continue to explore they will ask questions, develop theories, test their ideas, and develop critical thinking and reasoning skills. They initiate their own choices of activities and relationships with others.

Children come up with their own ideas so they can plan and expand their interests in a self-directed manner. They continue to grow socially and expand their relationships with peers in meaningful ways. They may pursue painting, building, book making, dancing, woodwork, or another specific activity at the school for extended periods of time as their ability and desire to focus increases. The child evaluates (with the assistance of the teacher) the process, progress, obstacles to be resolved, and the need to stop or continue an undertaking. During this process of more sophisticated development, children become aware that their thoughts, ideas, and understanding are self-created. This is a milestone in cognitive development, as it leads toward abstract thinking rather than just concrete ‘doing.’

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