Location and Environment

Our School Preschool is conveniently located at 776 Cherryvale Road in Boulder, Colorado. The 2,500-square-foot house is located in a quiet area that provides a home-like feeling. It is adjacent to open spaces and is set back far from the road.

The inside of our facility is expansive. Children roam freely around three rooms outfitted with multiple activities. There is extensive floor space for building structures and role playing. The school resembles a play lab. Children can paint, construct with wood and glue, play music, dance, build with blocks and explore water.

The school yard is large enough to for children to run and play games without obstacles. The sand area is very large and 3 feet deep to provide for interesting play possibilities, both individually and in groups. There is ample room for climbing on equipment including open cubes, ladders, ramps and a tunnel. These components are periodically rearranged vertically and horizontally to challenge the children and meet their growing physical needs.

Our School is also fortunate to have direct access to huge open fields behind the schoolyard. We use the outdoors as an “outside classroom” taking materials and supplies out to explore the natural environment. Regular informal, physical activities strengthen bones and build muscles in preschoolers, as well as establish enthusiasm for the outdoors.