“Children’s play, closely observed and then steadied and extended by adult provisioning, represents a powerful organizer of their growing experience” -David Hawkins, from The Roots of Literacy
  • Creative and constructive play guided by teachers forms the basis of the curriculum at Our School, giving children an active role in their own learning.
  • The wealth and variety of materials at Our School are periodically changed, giving children a wide variety of experiences in subjects such as math, the arts, and science.
  • Physical and motor development occurs indoors and outdoors. The extensive playground is designed to change, thereby challenging children’s physical development.
  • Our approach to nurturing children’s social and emotional development is built on a foundation of attachment theory, emphasizing strengthening relationships and family connections.
  • Language is an instrument for thought and creative expression.  Children become active speakers and listeners, sharing their understanding of the world and learning to ask questions.
  • Emerging literacy is cultivated by the reading of stories, borrowing books from our vast library, and bookmaking as children become illustrators and authors.
  • Children complete their education at Our School and fully transition to kindergarten having the flexibility to adapt to new situations while maintaining their creativity and their ability to discover, investigate, and be curious.