Online Application Form

Please use the form below to apply to for a school-year session at Our School Preschool.

Enrollment Application

  • Filling out and returning the signed application with your application fee demonstrates a genuine interest in Our School Preschool, but does not guarantee enrollment in Our School Preschool. The admission process is as follows: 1) Return your signed application and application fee to the Membership Committee. 2) The Membership Committee will review your application and decide on the acceptance of your child. 3) The teachers/directors will recommend to the membership committee the session placement for your child. 4) A member of the membership committee will formally offer you membership in Our School Preschool, indicating the session in which your child will be enrolled. 5) A Membership Agreement, along with Our School Polices and By-Laws, will be sent to you. 6) Upon reading, understanding and accepting the Policies and By-Laws, return your signed Membership Agreement accompanied with your payment (Total Due Upon Signing). 7) School officials will sign your Membership Agreement, the required payment accompanying the Membership Agreement will be deposited thereby formally concluding the placement of your child and your membership in Our School Preschool. If you have any questions, please call us at 303.494.4112
  • Our School has an extensive tuition/fee reduction program. The tuition/fee reduction program is made possible through its annual auction fundraiser. The current fees: annual tuition, administrative and building fee do not cover the costs of children attending Our School Preschool. The annual fundraiser revenue is distributed therefore among all the Our School families equitably and in accordance with the session in which the child is enrolled by supplementing members’ annual fees with the annual fundraiser revenue. The total distribution of monies in the tuition/fee reduction program is approved by the Board of Directors upon recommendation from the Treasurer. A current fee schedule is available. The current costs of operating Our School Preschool are the attempts by Our School Preschool to offer quality preschool education within the confines of historical and current attitudes towards: education, children, families and preschool education. These historical and current attitudes clearly impact the economic commitment of individuals and institutions towards quality preschool education. The annual fundraiser revenue permits all families to benefit from the purposes of Our School Preschool as set forth in Article II of the Our School By-Laws.