Spring 2018 Toddler Discovery and Parent Enrichment

Our School teachers, together with families and their children, will explore relevant activities and topics that challenge children to explore and integrate their interests, acquire knowledge, and build new skills, gaining in the process self-confidence, pride in growth, and learning to love learning.

Discussion topics and impromptu conversations include:

  • What is developmentally appropriate play?
  • How do I support building my toddler’s relationships with other children?
  • How does attachment influence the development of my child’s social competence, thinking and reasoning skills?
  • What materials and environments nurture my toddler’s curiousity?
  • Discipline: What particular approaches work?
  • Exploring aggression and bullying in toddlers.
  • Technology and the toddler.

Enrollment is open for our 10 week spring session, Toddler Discovery and Parent Enrichment, Saturdays 9 to 10:30 a.m. January 20 through March 24.

The cost is $150, and includes printed articles for families and snacks for children.

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